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Certium Asset Management LLC - Providing International Exposure for Institutional Investors

Aug 14, 2008

Certium Asset Management LLC, an institutional investment management firm that manages international and quantitative equity portfolios, has been established as an investment adviser registered with the SEC located in Atlanta, GA. Certium is a subsidiary of RidgeWorth Investments and has more than $2.7 billion in assets under management (as of 6/30/08). Prior to its establishment in early 2008, Certium was the International Equity division of RidgeWorth and has managed institutional equity portfolios since 1995.

"We are excited about establishing Certium and believe this new structure will improve our ability to deliver diversified, risk-controlled options that can be aligned with our clients' preference for risk", said Chad Deakins, President and CIO of Certium. Certium seeks to capture outperformance by investing in reasonably valued stocks with positive earnings characteristics across regions and sectors. The team believes that it is stocks like these that have the greatest potential to outperform their peers over the long term. Paramount in the process, however, is the large emphasis the team puts on selling those securities that are not meeting expectations.

Certium's eight member investment team combines experience and region/sector specific insight, which facilitates an in-depth understanding of the performance drivers specific to those areas. In this new structure, the Certium team will focus solely on portfolio management and construction. Administrative resources, including trading, operations, compliance, finance, human resources, marketing and distribution will be provided by RidgeWorth Investments.

Certium manages three primary investment strategies, all of which are available as separate accounts and subadvised mutual funds (RidgeWorth Funds). The actively managed international equity strategy is for those clients who seek to outperform the benchmark. The passively managed international strategy is for clients who simply want international exposure in their portfolios. The structured quantitative strategy was developed to identify the most attractive companies within each sector and region using quantitative models, eliminating any emotional biases. Certium also manages domestic equity portfolios for several existing clients. "At Certium, we employ separate and distinct processes for each of our investment strategies. The result, however, is a diversified, risk-managed portfolio that we believe has the potential to deliver above average returns over time", said Deakins.

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  The Certium Team

Chad Deakins, CFA (Passive, Quantitative and Active Portfolios), Alex Bretch (Passive, Quantitative and Active Portfolios), Charles East (Active Portfolio), Risei Goto, CFA (Quantitative and Active Portfolios), Greg Peters, CFA (Active Portfolio), Sowmdeb Sen (Quantitative and Active Portfolios), Merlin Tolstyk, CFA (Active Portfolio), Matthew H. Welden (Passive Portfolio),

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