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Silvant Capital Management LLC Established - Specialists in Growth Style Investing

Jun 16, 2008

Silvant Capital Management LLC, an institutional investment management firm specializing in managing growth equity portfolios, has been established as an investment adviser registered with the SEC located in Atlanta, GA. Silvant is a subsidiary of RidgeWorth Investments and has more than $5 billion in assets under management (as of 3/31/08). Prior to its establishment in early 2008, Silvant was the Growth Equity division of RidgeWorth and has a long history of managing institutional equity portfolios.

"We are excited about our new firm and feel that our current structure improves our ability to deliver strong and repeatable investment results to our clients," said Chris Guinther, President and CIO of Silvant. The 12-member firm will focus on investment management and portfolio construction and will utilize the resources and receive support from RidgeWorth Investments in the areas of trading, operations, compliance, finance, human resources, marketing and distribution.

Silvant manages three primary investment strategies, all of which are available as separate accounts ($10 million minimum) or through Silvant serving in various sub-advisory capacities (including three of the RidgeWorth Funds). The large cap growth portfolio generally includes 60-80 holdings and has a target tracking error between 2 and 5% annually. The Select Large Cap Growth portfolio is more concentrated and generally holds 30-40 stocks with a 4-8% tracking error per year. The small cap growth portfolio invests in 125- 175 companies and has a 4-7% target tracking error. Silvant also manages core growth portfolios for several current clients.

The Silvant investment approach is the same across all portfolios, and has three primary principles: (1) positive fundamental momentum, (2) minimize unintended risks and (3) team-based management. "We know that it's a crowded marketplace in the investment industry, but we believe that we will be able to grow with our current clients and also attract new clients by consistently delivering what our clients expect," said Guinther. (more)

The Silvant Team

Lead Portfolio Managers: Chris Guinther (Small Cap Growth), Joe Ransom, CFA (Select Large Cap Growth), Michael Sansoterra (Large Cap Growth)

Sector Portfolio Manager: Brandi Allen (Consumer Staples, Healthcare Providers and Services), Christin Armacost, CFA (Technology Hardware, Semiconductors and Telecommunications), Sandeep Bhatia, PhD, CFA (Healthcare), Brad Erwin, CFA (Industrials), Jim Foster (Energy and Materials), Randy Loving, CFA (Financials), Kristin Ribic, CFA, CPA (Consumer Discretionary),

Relationship Team: Marc Schneidau (Client Portfolio Manager), Jennifer Stewart (Portfolio Assistant)

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